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June 18, 2016

Salmon Avocado Poke Bowl

Salmon-Avocado Poke Bowl

I'm sure you know by now that this has been the latest crave. The poke bowl originated in Hawaii; it's actually been around for centuries, but the trend started just a few years ago in the contiguous United States. 
I guarantee, if you like sushi, you'll love this.  
I actually did not know what poke bowls were until about 2 years ago, but I've actually been eating it for waayyy longer than that.  For a few years, I worked at an office.  I would sometimes make my own sushi or buy sushi to bring to work for lunch, but it would never be fresh.  My work schedule was hectic, and I didn't have an actual lunch hour.  So.... sometimes my sushi would be soggy or hard. Yuck, who wants that?!? Ergo, I'd pack my sushi's disassembled.  That way, everything would seem fresh.  I'd separate all the ingredients in separate containers (fish, garnish, seaweed/nori, rice), and when lunch time came, I'd just heat the rice for about 1 min. with a wet paper towel on top (adds moisture back into the rice), and toss the rest of the ingredients over the rice.  

Here, I have a salmon poke bowl, but you can totally switch out to whatever fish you feel at the moment.  I just find this recipe the easiest to concoct.  And all of the ingredients were what I already had at home!

Salmon Avocado Poke bowl
Salmon, cubed
3T Sesame oil
1/4c Soy sauce
sesame seeds
red onion
1 Avocado, cubed

June 3, 2016

The Crab Place

The Crab Place

My family is a total fanatic over anything seafood, especially crabs.
It was April 29th 9a.m., and my family decided to throw my brother a last minute surprise party in the house rather than going to Joe's Crab Shack, Just Beclaws, or any other crab restaurant. The only caveat was- where the heck were we going to get crabs?  Jumbo, female crabs, to be exact.  And within 2 days?  The mission seemed impossible.
Usually, my family is pretty adventurous and would trek to Maryland or anywhere they would have enormous crabs...but... my sister in law is pregnant with twins (high risk, at that), so we couldn't be spontaneous.  
Ergggooo.... we researched online and found this place- The Crab Place. Our live saver. Errra, surprise-party saver. 
We ordered via phone.  The staff was curteos and helpful, even recommending how we could get more bang for the buck.
They have an array of selections of seafood.  But we were particularly interested in just crabs. We ordered a bushel of jumbo, female crabs.  There were about 60 crabs altogether.  The best part was delivery was only overnight.  So we were able to order on the 29th and received it the next day via fed-ex. 
Our order came in a large box which enclosed the styrofoam cooler where the crabs were. The company also sent us a large brown-paper table cover (see pic), a card (Happy birthday Michael), a ruler (to measure crabs- all of which were at least 7 in.), and old bay. 
I highly recommend this place.  

How beautiful do these crabs look!
These were only 1/3 of the crabs.  We needed to make more space to eat on!  
Omg, the cholesterol (yeah, that orange part that is though of as "waste").  So so so delicious :D

March 24, 2016

Portabella Mushroom Pizza

Portabella Mushroom Pizza

   Ever feel guilty when eating pizza?  Me...nah, not really.  As "curvy" as I already am, I savour each taste of my +1,000 calories of pizza.  But for those of you that aren't as gluttonous as I am, this recipe is perfect.   It's the "skinny" version of pizza.  And the crazy thing is... it taste just like pizza!
Portabella mushrooms
Olive oil
Garlic minced/powder
Sauce - marinara/tomato/pizza
Mozzerella Cheese
Shredded Cheese - parmesan
Crushed red pepper flakes

1. Prep portabella mushrooms.   Twist off stem. 
                                                        Scrape off gills using a spoon.  This step is optional. 
                                                        I usually leave the gills on for some mushrooms.  
2. Olive Oil.  Drizzle about 1T on each portabella cap.    
3.  Spread sauce around the caps.    I usually use 2T of sauce.
                                                            You can use marinara, pizza, or tomato sauce.
                                                            Heck, you can even use alfredo sauce. However, you
                                                            like your pizza, you can make your portabella           
                                                            mushroom pizza like it :)     
 4. Shredded cheese.  Generously top each cap with cheese.  I like to use parmesan.
 5. Garlic. Crushed red peppersCherry tomatoes. Mozzarella Cheese.   Make these babies rain on top of each cap.
 6.  Cook.  Preheat oven to 350*F and bake for 20 minutes.  You can also toast in a
                  convection/toaster oven or grill it.
Basil.  Slice and garnish on top.
 8.  Eat. Devour and enjoy!! :)

March 10, 2016

Reading Terminal Market- Sang Kee Pecking Duck

Say what you wanna say to what I'm about to say, but seriously, Philly is on my top 5 cities in the continental U.S. with the best food!  Of course it helps that I'm only driving distance to Philly (1 hour to be exact.)  Not only is there amazing food there, but there's always festivals, events, and entertainment.  On this day, we happen to be seeing the Pope. [I love you Pope Francis!]  The first night, we ate at Penang, another yummy restaurant, but that's for another blog.  The second day, on the way to morning mass, we stopped by for some grub at The Reading Market.  This place is super busy, and you may squeeze yourself all the way to Sang Kee Pecking Duck


Upon ent

Looking for inexpensive, but delicious eats in Philly?  

Sang Kee Pecking Duck Info

af fa
Map- Reading Terminal Market

March 7, 2016

Ani Ramen

Ah-ni Rah-men.  Ani Ramen.  Goodness! Yes, that would be the word to describe my dining experience there.  Like, seriously, if  I was on death row, or if anyone on death row is reading this right now, I would highly, highly, highly recommend everything in this place as your last meal.  It's that goooood! It's to die for.  Hehe, get it?!? Okay, moving on...

It's located in Bloomfield, New Jersey.  It's a tiny place.  Roughly the size of my living room.  But it can seat like a million people.  It's always packed!  And that's usually an icebreaker for me, but heck, I'll wait in line... for hours... in the freezing tundra.  Yes, it's that good.  (I live about 1.5 hours away from Ani Ramen, and I will make that drive when my taste buds crave it).

So this is the love that I always run back to.  For intents and purposes of affirming my love, let's name him Ramen. Ram, for short.[Because Ani reminds me of a female and females are too gentle and heck no, I can't be gentle with this dish. I will devour him in a second].
I can not even describe. But let's try.

Ok, think back college years... when all you could really afford to buy (or have energy to make) was ramen noodles. Maruchan noodles, to be exact.  Yes, the $0.28 ones from Wal-Mart. That ish was sooooo good!  Maybe not the taste now that you've developed a more mature, more expensive, more diverse taste palate.  But it's the nostalgia- of comfort of the warmth; the familiar taste of chicken or beef; the cheap, Ok, I already mentioned that. But ramen noodles was with you through thick and thin-wallets. It never judged you because you didn't have enough money to buy expensive foods.  It never discriminated against you because you didn't know how to cook real food.  So, through the years, you've developed this unconditional love and familiarity.

Well, Ani Ramen is not that feeling.  It's 10x better!
Now, let me show you more in pictures....

This is how <3 Ram <3 get's served to you.
I usually order the Ani Ramen. It's the best 12 bucks you'll every spend in your life!

** Menu** Ani Ramen- traditional pork broth, soy tare with chashu pork, kakuni, spinach, kikurage, and scallions
All that is popycock!  It should say...
**Jindy's version** Ani Ramen- magical goodness that can only be concocted by the gods

[This is the broth.  I believe it's made of unicorn tears & sweat]
It has a very distinct taste.  I can't quite pinpoint it, but its soup-y, yet when it settles on your tongue, the consistency is thicker.  Every time I've had this, the taste is always the same- perfect.  Not too salty. Definitely rich with flavor.
As for the meat, the pork is very tender with minimal fat.  Even the fat, I mean, especially the fatty parts taste hella good!
Moving on to other foods besides <3 Ram <3

**Menu** Hotate yakitori.  Its marinated scallops wrapped in bacon.  
I love scallops, but I've never tasted it this good.  The scallop is very succulent, and the crispy lean bacon adds texture and deliciousness. The fact that they use lean bacon eliminates much of the saltiness. I also love the asian sauce that it's drizzled with.

**Menu** Crispy gyoza- pork, garlic, and chives dumplings
I'm not much for dumplings, especially since there's other appetizers in the menu worth trying.  But these gyozas are good! Perfect blend of meat and other garnishes.  It was also topped with this crispy thing.  It reminded me of the burnt bottoms on pans (wait, that's exactly what it is) and even I ate that, too.  Yummy, to say the least. 

**Menu** Pork buns- kakuni, shredded cabbage & pickled cucumber (with sake spicy miso mayo)
These buns are aaammaaazeballs! And that's even an understatement.  The pork belly and the bun is a perfect balance of taste.  They should change the name to yin-yang. 

(ラーメン, らーめん, 拉麺)

March 6, 2016

Paleo Banana Pancakes

Good mornin' sexies!  Ok, I don't care what time of day it is, but this recipe is an amazing breakfast recipe- morning, day, or night.  I typically make this most mornings because it literally takes 5 minutes! And the best part is [drum roll...] it is so darn easy to make! And it's healthy, too! No other fancy appliances needed.  Just your skillet, stove, and spatula! And just 2 ingredients. Banana and eggs. Really! Don't believe me? Just watch! Errrr... or read the recipe.

Ok, side story- First time I made this was when I was still in college.  So, in my apartment, I really just had 1 roommate, but at least 5 other people were always there.  And when you don't have the money to make fancy breakfast for the random people that always came over, you develop cheap, easy recipes lol.  Plus, I always had eggs and bananas. And I looooved feeding people! It was my hobby :D Now I'm sure this recipe has been out for a while, but that is just how I started making banana pancakes.

1 whole banana
2 medium eggs

See, I told you! Just 2 ingredients!


1.   In small bowl, mash up the banana with a fork

2.   Add the 2 eggs and scramble away

Optional- you can add vanilla or cinnamon in the mix.

3.   Spray skillet with olive oil spray or use coconut oil. Make sure the stove is on med-low heat.

4.   Pour batter.
      For mini pancakes, use 1 tablespoon to pour the batter onto the skillet.
      For regular sized pancakes, then use 3T or 1 large serving spoon
      *Tip* When pouring the batter, do not just pile batter on the middle.
      Pour first and disperse the remaining batter around the first pour to ensure the pancakes are thin.
      Banana pancakes don't turn out right when it's big & thick pancakes.

5.   Wait at least 1 min. for mini pancakes, and 2 min. for regular sized pancakes until bottom side is cooked

6.   Flip and wait for another 1-2 minutes. Serve & enjoy!

Optional- top with maple syrup (paleo), other fruits

February 20, 2016

Burger 25

So, their website boasts that their burgers will be the best built burgers you've ever had.
And they ain't lyin'! I kid you not these are amazing burgers! Not just that, but everything I ordered was damn good!